At Sunrise Packaging, we believe that Snack food packaging is nothing less than an art, which is why, with constant experimentation, market research, and technological innovation, for more than two decades we have been able to serve a plentitude of snack manufacturing customers in the country. 

Here at Sunrise, we’re able to stay ahead of the curve and assist our partners in finding the perfect packaging option for their snack product, that looks better, sells better and works better than the rest. 

Sunrise Packaging strives to help snack brands to customize solutions to meet their packaging needs along with providing their customers eye-catching, branded packages that can retain freshness thanks to our premium quality materials and closure systems. Ideal for products like chips, nuts, seeds or other extruded and hard baked snacks. 

Our multi-layer laminates are engineered by our team to enhance speed, efficiency and tight sealing on filling lines by utilising best in class solutions produced in-house. Moreover in accordance with ethos for sustainability and environmental responsibility, most of our snack food packaging material options are both environment friendly and made from sustainable resources.