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We have with us well established and modern infrastructure facilities that allow us to successfully handle the involved production demands of BOPP and other range of products being offered from our end. With production units located at fully developed industrial estate of Delhi NCR, it assists us in meeting the ever-growing product demands of different industry sectors.

Raulimex Printing Press

2 Units

The Super Star press is a medium range versatile machine available in Mechanical Line Shaft (MLS) version at our factory. The press can be made with the traditional integrated rubber impression roller. The press comes with a trolley with print cylinder and inking system.

Pelican Rotogravure Printing Press

The new generation Rotogravure Press is led by MLS technology. By perfectly integration of advanced electronics and ergonomically designed mechanical components to deliver optimum performance, better operational ease, faster print register response, higher productivity, better print quality, less waste, optimising ink solvent and energy consumption, faster job changeover etc.

Center Solventless Lamination Machine

Very reliable solvent less laminator
More capable, more refined, with five roller coating system
Rigid shaft-less unwind-rewind units
Closed loop tension control via dancer roller
Computer Controls for all machine functions
Exceptional lamination pressure control for remarkable finished product

Mamata Universal Bag Making Machines

5 Units

Mamata’s Universal Bag Making Machine is preferred for it’s ability of quickest changeovers from Side seal to Bottom seal or Mix seal Bags. This gives true flexibility of operation to our customers with great consistency in output quality and quantity. You can switch from side seal to bottom seal to Twin seal bag within 10 minutes.

Kunrun Zipper and Standup Pouch Making Machine

2 Units

The Kunrun pouch making machine has automatic synchronization and tension control system, PLC automatic routing, operation and control of various logic states, setting barrier impaired diagnostic information systems and machinery management system, unreeling pneumatic shaft. It can be used for two-side sealing, three-side sealing and partial four-side sealing.

NCA Spout Fixing Machine

The machine is used to weld a plastic spout to a flexible pouch. It can also be used for spout fitting and sealing with self-standing pouches and penguin style pouches. The machine allows for PID temperature control, shows the working conditions, has touch-screen clear display and also has trouble alarm display and shooting.

Totani Zipper and Standup Pouch Making Machine

Totani’s original water-cooled sealing plate is used in the zipper seal unit to give a beautiful finish to the pouches. The machine is available with options such as the cutter control system and the cutter servo drive. It is used for three-side-seal pouch making, standing pouch making and zipper seal pouch making.

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Apart from these machines, we also have various other supporting machineries, which are used to manufacture and process flexible packaging products, made by the best machinery manufacturers.